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"In the age of nothing at a time when we stand
at the brink of our own destruction,
strengthen your belief in yourself,
in the future of humanity,
in the things of this world which cannont easily be perceived.
Awaken that which lies dormant now within your soul.
Re-ignite the flame of your conciousness,
and measure the strength of your conviction.
Reveal the lie.
Renounce your hatred.
Seek, find, and embrace the truths you are
fortunate enough to discover.
Cherish them.
Use them to anchor you in the sea of chaos that is the world we live in.
When twilight draws near, when you are pushed to the very limits of your soul, when it seems all that's left
are the dead remnants of the fabric of your life . . . BELIEVE."
-David Michael Draiman

What's New?

Hello to all those viewing the page! It's still in construction as I have yet to fill all these pages with great stuff. Stay tuned!

06-14-02 - Added clearer, new pics of Donovan's nursery, added new belly pic on family photos page.

Donovan Hunter - 3 months old
Donovan says, "Hi !"

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